Sales Conditions


1 - Checkout at the forumOptica site

2 - Product Information

3 - Price

4 - Availability

5 - Mode of Delivery

6 - Secure Payment

7 - Right of withdrawal. Satisfied or refunded.

8 - Litigation and Liability

1. Checkout at the forumOptica site

The purchase of products available and also illustrated and described ON LINE on the fact sheets and techniques, is conducted by the Customer at a price that includes VAT.

To place an order in forumOptica.com, we put at your disposal three modes:

- Via the Internet, the site: www.forumOptica.com 24/24h and 7 / 7 days

- Via telephone, No: 00351 222 011 193

- Via FAX at No: 00351 223 325 021

The customer will receive by e-mail order confirmation performed.

No cancellation of order will be accepted after the shipment of it.

2. Product Information

photographs illustrating the products do not enter into the contractual and not give any place to any commitment on the part of forumOptica.com. Moreover, with respect to the product descriptions from our suppliers, the forumOptica.com disclaims itself from any responsibility regarding the validity of its content.

3. Price

The sales price listed on the site are in Euros, with taxes included.

reserve the right modify our prices at any time, but we strive to apply the rates in force are listed on the site at the time the customer makes the request.

4. Availability

We can meet the deadlines of applications in the limit the availability of our stock.

In the event that a product requested is not available in stock, we will contact the customer by email or telephone within 5 working days from the date of the application in order to inform you of new product delivery.

If any of the products ordered are unavailable, forumOptica.com undertakes to ship the products available and offers a delivery fee from the rest of the order.

Furthermore, we reported that the availability displayed are displayed for information purposes only and do not in any case a contractual obligation.

5. Mode of Delivery

Products purchased will be delivered by forumOptica.com via express mail at the address indicated by Customer.

Each expedition is accompanied by an envelope containing the following documents:

1. Invoice;

2. Note return;

3. Manufacturer Warranty for 1 Year warranty and forumOptica.com for the 2nd Year.

Deliveries of goods will occur only on weekdays. quality or express mail, telephone calls do not generate requests for preventive or shipments during business hours. For information, unless this entails no link to the forumOptica.com and unless the unavailability of products on the market or any other causes of force majeure, the goods will be delivered according to the following terms:

- In case of payment by credit card, respecting all the mandatory conditions laid down, the forumOptica.com make express delivery within the deadlines.

- In case of payment by bank transfer, your order will be express delivered, upon receipt of proof of bank transfer;

Delivery times are informative and therefore to be considered valid when there is no physical or structural impediments (eg, incorrect addresses or setbacks of force majeure). The contribution to the transport by adding to the price of products bought will be calculated automatically by the system.

In case of non receipt of the order in due time, an investigation will be made with the carrier, and may take several days (14 days). You should contact the Customer Service forumOptica.com and during this period no refund can be made.

The customer has the right, on receipt of your order, you open the packaging to verify that the product conforms to what was requested and whether it presents no external defects. If the product is not one that was asked or if defects are visible, we advise our clients to refuse delivery, complete the form provided for that purpose, and return the product to the carrier, which will handle the return. An email will also be shipped in 24 hours indicating the problem to Customer Service (sales@forumoptica.com)

in respect of supplies where the package has not been verified, the conscious will have 24 hours to highlight the problem to our Customer Service by phone (00351 222 011 193).

For delivery, any problem should be checked upon delivery. Once the package delivered by the carrier, the forumOptica.com not responsible for any problems arising from transport.

Please note that the

forumOptica.com be obliged to refuse any request for reimbursement or replacement for defective products that have been outside accepted by our customers upon delivery.

What to do at the time of delivery

1. Check if the package is in perfect condition.

2. Open the package courier asking that you wait for the check (this is a customer right).

3. Verify that the product complies with the request made and whether it presents no visible defects. In case you all as accepting delivery.

4. In case of any inconsistency, be a mistake for the product requested is a visible defect, refuse delivery and fill out the form designed for such cases, pointing out the problem.

5. Returning the container (s) (s) and all its contents to the courier services (carrier).

6. In the case of supply in which the package has not been verified, the customer will have 24 hours to highlight the problem to our Customer Service by phone (00351 222 011 193).

For delivery, any problem should be checked upon delivery. Once the package delivered by the carrier, the forumOptica.com not responsible for any problems arising from transport.

advised that a 24 hour delay in delivery could occur. In fact, for security reasons, all requests that are paid by credit card will be checked by forumOptica.com. Additional information may be requested and even required to validate the purchase.

Consequently, in order to avoid delays, please tell when you are making the purchase:

- The electronic address paid (eg Sapo, Netcabo, Netvisao ...) or professional

- A local phone number (work or home) so we can find it at any time of day.

Moreover, for every request from a ceiling fixed by forumOptica.com, an identity and a statement of address should be sent by fax, email or mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience that these measures may cause, but must be taken to protect our customers from fraud with credit cards.

6. Secure Payment

For all transactions made on our site, the customer will be assured. Be covered by any embezzlement or fraudulent use of credit card or bank account information, consecutive one purchase at our site, anywhere in the world. The customer will be reimbursed, without paying the franchise. If forumOptica.com estimate that there is a risk and refuse to provide a transaction, then we are obliged not to continue favorable to your request.

payment for the products purchased and expenditures concerning the dispatch will be made by bank transfer case is not made, the order will not be taken into account.

forumOptica.com is not responsible for any fraudulent or illicit use of credit cards that can be done by third parties at the time of paying the ordered products.

In all cases, the forumOptica.com strives to make the necessary arrangements to reimburse the client the victim of fraud.

- Payment with credit cards is subject to the following conditions:

one. Customer must provide the phone number of your home,

2. The recipient of the Order need not necessarily be the holder of the credit card;

3. Products will be sent to the address of the recipient of the order;

4. Invoices will not be considered information pertaining to deliveries at different addresses.

debit your credit card will only be made four days after the date of application.

- Payment by bank transfer is subject to the following conditions:

1. The bank transfer must be accomplished within one (1) week from the time it was made to order. After this period, the order will be canceled;

2. To simplify the processing of your order, when possible, do not forget, at the time of transfer, enter the order number.

3. After making a bank transfer should be sent by fax copy of proof (00351 223 325 021) or email ( orders@forumoptica.com ) with indicating the order number.

4. Once we confirmed the payment we will proceed to send the order to the address which can take 3-4 business days.

7. Right of withdrawal. Satisfied or refunded.

To exercise the right to withdraw the Customer will have to resubmit in a registered letter within 15 (fifteen) days from receipt of order, all the material received. This equipment must be new and complete (accessories ,...), and the products must be shipped in original packaging to the address:


Optics, lda

Carlos Alberto Square, No. 9 / 10

4050-157 Porto

If the product has been damaged or whose original packaging is damaged, the customer will not be refunded. If the product is returned incomplete or damaged on forumOptica.com will be applied according to the diagnosis performed by the After-Sales Service an abatement of the price.

If the return is not worth the customer, our Client Service Department has the pleasure to send you by email. This document is essential, without it, the withdrawal of its product can not be performed.

This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty, except the shipping fee that is charged to the customer (the product travels on the customer's responsibility).

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the forumOptica.com will endeavor to reimburse the customer quickly, noting, however, that this period will depend on the tests to be conducted on material with a maximum of 5 working days (counted from the arrival of the same forumOptica.com).

The customer will be reimbursed by bank transfer in case of bank transfer payment, if paying by credit card, the refund will be made on the card itself and can be verified on the next bill of the card or if payment made by a virtual card (MBNET) reimbursement will be made direct to the bank account of the customer. After the technical evaluation of the refund will be made within 20 days.

forumOptica.com return any product where the customer has not paid the transportation costs, or where they are not complied with the terms and the times prescribed by the laws responsible for reporting the year of withdrawal; or where the product is not packaged with original packaging or not accompanied by their accessories, instruction manuals and all original content.

8. Litigation and liability

These general conditions of sale are subject to Portuguese law. Any dispute, whatever the delivery site, which may result from the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms shall be referred to competent judges.

forumOptica.com not responsible for delay or failure contractual force majeure, disruption, total or partial strike, also postal services and means of transportation or communication, flood, fire or war. The forumOptica.com not liable for any indirect, operating loss, loss of profits, opportunity loss, damage or charges that may arise from the fact that the purchase of any product presented on the site.

Let's remember that it is prudent to make data protection contained in the products purchased. The forumOptica.com no responsibility for any loss of data, files or, more generally, for any damage resulting from a lack of data protection products purchased by the customer.

forumOptica.com also not responsible for the consequences of improper use of products sold on the site.

The impossibility of using the products because of an incompatibility of the material can not give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or claim of responsibility forumOptica.com.

forumOptica.com links listed on the site may send to other sites other than the forumOptica.com. The forumOptica.com not responsible for the content of these sites and which are contrary to laws and regulations.

forumOptica.com liability is in any event, limited to the amount of the claim.

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